About us

We're a social bunch of non-traditional board and card gamers who meet every Tuesday evening from around 7pm at The Adelphi, 43 Fylde St, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 7DP. Games tend to start between 6:45-7:15pm and run late into the night. Around 30 gamers join us every Tuesday evening. Why not come along and find out what we're all about?

That first night! 4 gamers Gathered in what was our first home Roper Hall on February 21st 2017 , we now reside upstairs at The Adelphi.

Our Story

We were created by Dave Disco Kenton who believed in creating a fun environment for everyone. After weeks of meetups at his house for 'Tuesday night games' and very much burnt pizza, he decided to make it a bit more official and invite others along (and outsource the catering).


So our aim and mission became putting people first and putting fun at the core of what we do. The way we create this environment is by welcoming each and every person to this group with open arms, friendly faces and comradery. Oh and We just so happen to play board games too! So why not join Preston's Gamers Guild? 

Maybe you've never played anything except Monopoly or Cluedo before? We'd love nothing more than to welcome you into the world of board gaming.

© 2020 by Prestons Gamer's Guild.  

Tuesdays from 7pm Upstairs at The Adelphi, 43 Fylde Rd, Preston PR1 7DP

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