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Our founder, disco and friendly face

I Liked games as a kid but hated rules Stumbled across Wil Wheaton's Tabletop and Shut UP & Sit Down. Found games to be an excellent medication against mental health issues . Took it out of my comfort zone to a group of new people. Mental Health took way that love, so I took myself out of the comfort zone again and created a new group, which has grown into an amazing community.

Like any kid, I guess, Board games where always around. Mostly at school and other friends, but they were always there. In the beginning nothing was ever played right. House rules muddied game mechanics and playing times went on until my cousins/friends would win. Being the oldest in my family, and not rocking a brotherly love with my siblings, I was always at the mercy of someone’s game time. The first time I managed to play by the actual rules were Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstones’ Fighting Fantasty series. The Forest of Doom was the first book of the series to capture my eye, on  a book stand in my local Garden Centre. I loved books and not ever having the chance to go to an actual bookshop, this was the closest I’d ever get. The picture of a Lizard Man dressed in “robin Hood” style clothing was an instant grab and I remember saving up my pocket money for a couple of weeks to buy that first book. What a revelation, A story I could make decisions in! I could fight, get hurt, heal, run away, be brave, kill and plunder my quarry! It was amazing and all I needed was my reading skill, I pair of dice and a pencil!

A few years later Heroquest appeared on the TV and in “The Bible” (Argos Catalogue). Miniatures, furniture, doors, maps, a Dungeon Master and Quests! And I was hooked! I found a local gaming store in Chester and went when ever I could. But having to be the one to learn and then teach the rules al the time, I got bored too quickly to ever really play properly. I tried painting, I tried different games but with out anyone else to help with the learning, it all fell by the way side. You see I get distracted far to easily so games where always there but so was everything else.

 Fast forward to 2012. I was in a bad mental health, physically I was all over the place and I was nesting most nights, avoiding people and social situations. I was surfing the internet and I stumbled across Wil Wheaton Tabletop youtube show. After a couple of episodes ( which was all there was then…) I searched and found Shut Up and Sit Down. Laugh? I laughed so hard I became board game “enlightened”. This was what board games where...social activities to play around in with your friends. Fun and light with lots of laughter. Clever and modern and fun...and quick!?! So then I binge watched all of SUSD’s first season, I watched Tabletop religiously, I found BBG, I bought a couple of games and I found a couple of games in Charity shops and I sent a text message to two of my friends. It basically said, “Hi Guys, not seen you in a while, I’ve recently got into board games and I know you two play upon occasion, so want met Friday night and play some games!” This meeting of three, grew to a regular 5/6 but in the need to play more games I found Preston Board Gamers. I found myself in a t the deep end, playing Suburbia with two other fellows and in way over my head, but I loved it! I sat on the sidelines for another 6 months before I went again and then BOOM! I was hooked! Every week had games, then most nights had games, my collection went from 3 to 4 games to 30+ in weeks/months. I was more confident, I was socialising, I was focused on games and gaming, I was alive again! 2015 was a particular highlight, with Preston’s first Tabletop Day, A great network of players with in Preston and the early promise of a Board Game Cafe with Dice & Donuts.

And then my mental health started to slide again. I found it harder and harder to commit to things, to focus, the simplest of situations began to send me in to an anxious state and then panic attacks started. Home life was stressful, compounded by work stress and poor physical health, everything got on top of me. Games where no longer a saviour but another stress factor, that only feed my growing vicious stress circle.

So we come to February 2017. Sick of feeling defeated, depressed and anxious, I spoke to my close board game buddy from PBG, Aaron and explained how I longed to play games and have fun. I remembered how I loved playing games with new people, and getting to know people through their game playing and the camaraderie that went with that. So I contacted a few close friends, only 5 or 6, as too many would bring on a panic attack,  Set a date, a Tuesday in February, a place, Roper Hall and a time, 7pm. Four out of the six were able to make it and it was the best games night I’d had in a long time. And so Preston’s Gamers Guild was born. An evening about fun, games and people. Where playing games and making people feel welcome was a priority. A formal structure was put into place, mostly to avoid problems further down the line, but also to set boundaries so people could feel safe with in structure of the group. We got some fantastic regulars quickly and building from that first night of 4, we quickly got a core group together that was as passionate about board games as Aaron and I. That lead to an Admin group, where everyone was equal to have a say within the running and direction of the group. I’m more than happy to say, that PGG was it’s own beast and has grown beyond one man’s vision. It has become a community of like minded people, bursting with enthusiasm and drive to bring board games to any and everyone who wants to have rule-driven fun, which, after all, is the best sort of fun you can have right?

n.b.: I still struggle with my mental health on a daily basis, and I can’t always make PGG on a Tuesday evening, but I know, whenever I can make it, I always enjoys the people, the games and the banter, regardless of how tough my afternoon/day/week has been. Just got to remember to Keep On, Keeping On!

My Current Collection:

  • 6 nimmt! Schnupperspiel

  • 7 Wonders Duel

  • Adrenaline

  • Age of War

  • Alien Frontiers

  • Among the Stars

  • Among the Stars: Revival

  • Android: Mainframe

  • Articulate!

  • Ave Caesar

  • Backgammon

  • Bamboleo

  • BANG! The Dice Game

  • Bärenpark

  • Beasts of Balance

  • Beetle Drive

  • Blocky Mountains

  • Blokus

  • Blokus Duo

  • Blokus To Go!

  • Blood Rage

  • Blueprints

  • Bucket King 3D

  • Bugs in the Kitchen

  • Burning Suns

  • Camel Up

  • Candy Land

  • Carcassonne

  • Carcassonne: Südsee

  • Catacombs & Castles

  • Catan

  • Cathedral

  • Century: Spice Road

  • Cheating Moth

  • Click Clack Lumberjack

  • The Climbers

  • Coconuts

  • Coconuts Duo

  • Coin Age

  • Coloretto

  • Crokinole

  • Cube Quest

  • CV

  • Dead Man's Draw

  • Deep Sea Adventure

  • Dice Town

  • Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Game!

  • Doodlebugs

  • Dragon Punch

  • Escape the Nightmare

  • Forbidden Desert

  • Fungi

  • Galaxy of Trian

  • The Game

  • Geister, Geister, Schatzsuchmeister!

  • Glory to Rome

  • El Grande Big Box

  • Guts of Glory

  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

  • Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck

  • Heroscape Marvel: The Conflict Begins

  • Heroscape Master Set: Battle for the Underdark

  • Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie

  • Heroscape Master Set: Swarm of the Marro

  • Hive Pocket

  • Imajica

  • Imperial Settlers

  • In a Grove

  • Indigo

  • Insider

  • Jaipur

  • JamSumo

  • Junk Art

  • Kemet

  • Kingdomino


  • Kobayakawa

  • Labyrinth

  • Las Vegas

  • Last Will

  • Lords of Waterdeep

  • Lost Cities

  • Love Letter

  • Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City

  • Magic: The Gathering – Arena of the Planeswalkers

  • Magic: The Gathering – Arena of the Planeswalkers: Shadows over Innistrad

  • Mansions of Madness

My  Board game Geek Username:


My Current top 5 Games:

  • Century Spice Road

  • Virus!

  • Kingdomino

  • Pickomino

  • Star Realms

  • Mansions of Madness: Second Edition

  • Mechs vs. Minions

  • Metallum

  • Mexica

  • Monopoly Deal Card Game

  • Monopoly Gamer

  • Monopoly: Adventure Time Collector's Edition

  • Monster Lab Card Game

  • Monza

  • Moustache Smash

  • Munchkin Adventure Time

  • Munchkin Cthulhu

  • Mythos Tales

  • Nightmarium

  • No Thanks!

  • Odin's Ravens (second edition)

  • Oh My Goods!

  • Pandemic

  • Paperback

  • Patchwork

  • Photoloco

  • Pictomania

  • Plague Inc.: The Board Game

  • Province

  • Quantum

  • Qwirkle Cubes

  • Qwixx XL

  • R

  • Raptor

  • The Resistance: Avalon

  • Rhino Hero: Super Battle

  • Risk: Star Wars Edition

  • Rocca Monster

  • Rocca Rails

  • Rocca Town

  • Run, Fight, or Die!

  • San Juan (second edition)

  • Scotland Yard

  • Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game

  • Shuffleboard Table Game

  • Small Star Empires

  • Smart Ass

  • Splendor

  • Star Munchkin

  • Star Realms

  • Star Realms: Colony Wars

  • Star Trek: Ascendancy

  • Star Trek: Frontiers

  • Star Wars: Imperial Assault

  • Sticky Stickz

  • Super Rhino!

  • Survive: Escape from Atlantis!

  • Tension: The Top 10 Naming Game

  • Terrible Monster

  • Thief's Market

  • This Town Ain't Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us

  • Ticket to Ride

  • Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries

  • Tides of Time

  • Tiny Epic Galaxies

  • Trains

  • Tumblin-Dice

  • Tybor der Baumeister

  • Vampire Radar

  • Virus!

  • Viticulture Essential Edition

  • Waggle Dance

  • The Willow Game

  • Yardmaster

  • Yardmaster Express

  • Zombie Dice

  • Zombie in my Pocket

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Tuesdays from 7pm Upstairs at The Adelphi, 43 Fylde Rd, Preston PR1 7DP

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