My Current top 5 Games:

  • Magic Maze

  • 7 Wonders Duel

  • Ticket to Ride

  • Boss Monster

  • Pandemic


The Magic Maze Queen

I liked board games as a kid but admittedly didn’t have a very wide range of gaming experience. I played stuff like Battleships, Coppit and Monopoly. I did actually really like Monopoly, I don’t know why it has a bad rap. 

I started studying at Liverpool University in 2016 and joined the Tabletop Games Society. There I discovered just how many games were out there, I enjoyed playing Mysterium, Pandemic and Werewolf. I like how many different types of games there are, long involved ones, quick paced ones, social deduction, cooperative, dexterity. There will always be something you’ll enjoy. 

I have to admit I didn’t do too well out in the big wide world, living in halls at uni. I had anxiety, I wasn’t getting on with the course and I was kind of lonely. I had always been a bit of a loner, and I guess it was more noticeable how isolated I felt when I was away from home. I dropped out of Liverpool after one semester. I wouldn’t exactly recommend it but I’m basically glad I did.

In 2017, I got my anxiety under control, re-applied to uni, but this time back home at UCLan and on a different course, Computing, and joined Preston Gamers Guild. One of the reasons I like playing board games is because when you’re playing a game with people, it isn’t forced, you don’t have to think of small talk or even have anything in common, you’re all just enjoying playing together. I have never really been too good at social stuff, but board games allow you to socialise with others without feeling awkward. And Preston Gamer’s Guild are the most welcoming, friendly group of people you could ever meet, so that helps. I’m still quiet, that’s just me, but I’ve realised that being a loner and keeping myself isolated, doesn’t have to be me. I don’t need to feel awkward or nervous about talking to people, especially when there are so many lovely people around like the Preston Gamer’s Guild lot! I’m at UCLan now and enjoying it, and there’s even gamer’s there.

I think my favourite game is Magic Maze. It's so quick to play and so crazy and so fun. I also like Survive, Seven Wonders Duel and Ticket to Ride. I’ll play anything, but I do like games that are quick and simple to pick up. I don’t usually win many games, but that’s all part of the fun! In my collection at the moment, I have Seven Wonders Duel and Boss Monster. So that’s a start, and I hope to get some more.

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Tuesdays from 7pm Upstairs at The Adelphi, 43 Fylde Rd, Preston PR1 7DP

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