My Current collection - as of 03/02/2018:

Paul - Animal

Our resident drum animal

I have always been interested in playing games, and the fantasy genre in particular starting with being bought My first computer at age 8, a Commodore Vic20 and a few Scott Adams text adventures.

I then found the Fighting Fantasy series of adventure books and lost many a day with pencil, paper and dice mapping My way through a heroic quest. At 15, Me and a school friend found our FLGS (above Alley Bookshop in Preston) and I bought Adeptus Titanicuswhile he bought Space Hulk. We had a good couple of years alternating playing those but never managed to expand our circle of gamers.

Skip many years and I met another mate who was into boardgames and I started playing more. I started collecting the Munchkin games and I also got into Magic: The Gathering and had some great games and even managed to get a work colleague into the game so could play regularly.

Finally, at the start of this year, I attended a tabletop day and found out about a local gaming group so My attention has picked up again and I'm now attending every week and playing many great games. I love Mythos-related things and dungeon crawls. Also getting more into Euros, dice management and worker placement games. I prefer games where I don't have to study and keep track of other player's boards/intentions as I just get lost in AP. Also, with the exception of the Ultimate Werewolf games, I'm not really a fan of social deduction games.

I've also gotten seriously into solo gaming (I wish I knew there were so many fantastic solo-able games earlier). I tend to prefer smaller footprint games that I can play on the cushion next to Me while My girlfriend is watching TV as larger games see me relegated to the kitchen table out of the way but that is in no way a limiting factor.

I definitely enjoy a good thematic/narrative adventure and I'm enjoying medium/light Euros as a way to relax after work.

My Current top 5 Games:

  • Snowdonia

  • Rallyman

  • Secrets of the Lost Tomb

  • Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game

  • La Granja

My  Board game Geek Username:

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