The Gamer's Code of Conduct

Here at Preston's Gamer's Guild, we have a few simple rules we all like to play by, it means everyone is treated equally and can focus on the fun at the table! We like to call it the Gamer's code of conduct!

1) We ALWAYS commit to having fun, all the fun! Enough fun that our contagious spirit will encourage others to join us.

2) Preston Gamer's Guild members are somewhat protective of their games, so we don’t tend to bend cards or components and we place our drinks and food a fair distance away from the game board and avoid getting our greasy mittens all over the game components.

3) We also remember to purchase our food and drink from the bar, drinks from home aren't ice cool! After all, the Adelphi kindly reserves the space for free and we return this kindness through only purchasing their food and drink.

4) If I realise I'd forgotten about my freshly acquired donkey, spaceship, quarry (or other) which I purchased two turns ago, I might ask, "Hey. Is it okay if I take the extra carrots/gears/stones that I should have saved?" I won't assume that you'll say yes. And I will NOT say, "If I'd known that, I would have bought this building instead, so I’d actually be winning right now…”

5) If you are new to a game and you ask for advice about what to do, we'll offer you our best advice, and make sure to point out the fact that we almost always lose, so you might want to take any advice with a pinch of salt.

6) If someone else is teaching a game we already know, we don’t interrupt them. It’s your show (We will laugh and mock if you get it all wrong). But if you've overlooked something, and it becomes clear that you've moved on and are not just going to come back to it, we will politely remind YOU, "remember the rule about ...." and you can explain it. We won't just jump in and add our own commentary whenever we want. If you're teaching a game to a bunch of new players, we always play with the rule "If you taught it, your win doesn't count!"

7) We perform actions in the open (no sneaky business). We don’t actively cheat, although we all make mistakes. If we know we’ve accidentally "cheated", we’ll point it out and agree on a penalty within the game.

8) We don’t complain (that much) that "You never told us that rule!"; even if you really didn't (but you probably did) and we'll keep all comments at a hearty banter level! Insulting other players in any shape or form is not cool, okay?

9) We like organising things in the open, so we always organise games that we really want to play in the group a day or two before the weekly meetup. But if we’re late to games night we won’t interfere with an already running game. So, we’ll have to wait (semi-)patiently for the next game, that we may be able to join in. After all other’s time is just as valuable and important as our own.

10) We’re usually open to trying new games and playing games that others are proposing. Though we understand some people may not be as enthusiastic about our favourite game in the whole world. If the game being proposed is not one we enjoy, we will resolve to try it and be positive, or excuse ourselves from playing the game.

11) As much as campaigns are awesome, we feel they're a little excluding by nature so we always save those awesome game campaigns for another evening.

12) We'll respect everyone at the table including ourselves, we'll take the time to make sure that we aren't impacting other's game night experience. And regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race or religion we will respect everyone at the table. Preston's Gamer's Guild does not tolerate any form of discrimination, if you are seen to cause offence by making comments regarding race, age, sexuality or religion, gender. We will ask you to leave.

13) We won't get mad at you if you don't adhere to the same code of conduct we all do. If your behaviour is really really far from it, though, we might just decide to try not to game with you again. Fair enough?

We want to keep our environment safe and welcoming to everyone.

© 2020 by Prestons Gamer's Guild.  

Tuesdays from 7pm Upstairs at The Adelphi, 43 Fylde Rd, Preston PR1 7DP

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